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Home Care

Vesratio’s home care solutions improve the quality of life of home care customers and enhance the efficiency of home care. Sensors collect information directly from the homes of the home care clients, in an unobtrusive and privacy-sensitive manner. The devices collect real-time information about temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide level, light and motion. In addition, the Vesratio’s solutions can be used to monitor eg. water and food consumption of home care clients. All data is stored on secure cloud servers over private IoT network connections.


Vesratio’s Artificial Intelligence software analyzes sensor data without human eyes, integrates data sources and improves the responsiveness of home care. When the specified conditions are met, the system triggers an alarm and calls the nurse. Information can also be shared with the relatives of the clients being treated. Continuous real-time or near-real-time situation awareness frees up home care resources for more important work; to care for people as a human being.



Vesratio’s unobtrusive install-and-forget type of sensors measure desired things without compromising data security or privacy.



The measurement data gathered by the sensors is transmitted over a closed IoT data network to be examined by the Vesratio artificial intelligence analysis. Data is processed into data.



Real-time information refined to meet customer needs is presented in an easy-to-understand view on Vesration’s secure online service.




When a predetermined set of measurements exceeds or falls below the allowable limits, an alarm or a call to action can be triggered.


Vesratio provides easy-to-understand real-time information about living environment, homes, facilities and real estates. By providing situational awareness, we improve our customers’ quality of life, cost-effectiveness of fieldwork and help ensure the well-being of both people and property.


Vesratio’s solutions are based on technical measurement sensors utilizing private communication (IoT) networks and a specialized cloud-based artificial intelligence analysis that evaluates and processes measurement data into significant information.


Vesratio Oy, established in 2018, is headquartered in Lappeenranta, Finland. The company offers its services all over the world.

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